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Investment Opportunities
Get information and lists of pre-foreclosure, short sale, and bank owned foreclosures.  Call or email me today for a current list of bank owned or short sale properties.  These properties are usually listed and can be purchased below their "replacement" cost.  Not only would it cost you more to build the same home but most can be rented or leased for a positive cash flow.  Whether you are looking for a cash flowing rental or a vacation home, there has never been a better time to buy then now. 

Short Sale & Pre-Foreclosure
In these difficult times, more and more sellers are finding they need to sell their homes for less than they owe on their mortgage, this is known as a "short sale".  Current real estate market conditions along with low interest rates are providing excellent opportunities for investors.
Our first "short sale educational webinar" was a huge success, we had almost 300 registrations and the emails have not stopped.  Don't miss out on the many benefits of purchasing short sale and pre-foreclosure properties.  Email me for the next scheduled webinar date and a complete list of available pre-foreclosure properties at or you can call me at 239-298-1991.
Bank owned foreclosures
This is my favorite type of investment, I specialize in REO (real estate owned) properties.  Banks are not in the real estate business and are very motivated to sell these properties at prices that are below market.  Pricing in Naples has been so high in the past that it was impossible to cover your carrying costs with the rental income.  Current market conditons have made purchasing "cash flowing" properties in the Naples a reality again.  Eventually the market will start to appreciate again and the opportunity to purchase cash flowing properties will be gone.